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Samsung newest product is the Frame TV, available in 55" & 65" version.

This is a SMART UHD 4K TV,  all the features and picture quality you expect from any other smart 4K TV. What sets it aside from all other TV's is the Frame mode option. This feature allows you to choose a work of art or photo and set it as a picture frame. You may say you could always do this using a thumb drive on any TV. The difference is that this TV allows you to choose matting style and color then sets it up for you on the screen. It actually look like a real picture frame. TV sensors detect room lighting conditions and adjust the brightness of the picture automatically. It also has a motion sensor, when activated, can turn off the screen when no motion is detected then turn it back on when someone comes in the room. The TV comes with 100 works of art built into the unit, it also has a built in hard drive which allows you to download additional content or send it from your phone or other smart device using the free Samsung app.  Another custom feature is the actual frame of the TV.  Out of the box it is black, but you can purchase other colors which clip onto the TV to customize the frame. As of now there are three choices for frame colors, White, Beige wood or Walnut. You really have to see it to appreciate it. 

With today's decor many designer rather not see a TV on the wall, but an LED TV looks best when mounted on the wall.

Well with this New Frame TV, you can have the best of both, TV on the wall without the look of a TV on the wall.

Samsung has outdone themselves, this is truly the coolest TV you'll never see.

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